Published: Jan 18, 2024

Air Navigation Sovereignty Through Indonesia-Singapore Fir Boundary Realignment In 2022

1-13 Divania Jasmine, Robi Sugara
Read Statistic: 113
PDF Downloads: 97

Boundary Works as a Mechanism For Forming Collective Identity in The Indonesian Middle Class Muslim Social Piety Movement

14-32 Sahran Saputra, Ishomuddin, Wahyudi, Arifin Saleh
Read Statistic: 38
PDF Downloads: 71

Lecturer's Performance: The Effect of Leadership Communication, Organizational Culture and Achievement Motivation by Mediating Variables

33-59 Suyitno
Read Statistic: 51
PDF Downloads: 58

The Effect of Public Service Quality, Work Discipline, and Organizational Culture on Community Satisfaction

60-74 Erina Rulianti, Giri Nurpribadi
Read Statistic: 60
PDF Downloads: 62 PDF Downloads: 0

A Comprehensive Communication Approach to Navigate the Crisis Caused by Online Gambling: Insights from Kemencast #44 on Youtube

75-87 Andika Yulianto Chamil, Safiera Amanda Djuanda, Nurina Septaviana
Read Statistic: 105
PDF Downloads: 66

Impact Analysis and Development of Collaborative Communication Models in Public Relations Programs for Mangrove Conservation

88-104 Vincentius Varrel, Siti Juhriah Novianty, Paundra Hanutama
Read Statistic: 138
PDF Downloads: 80

Land Rights and Legislation: Uncovering the Veil of Property Law in Indonesia

105-123 Basri
Read Statistic: 70
PDF Downloads: 62

Conflict In-Laws and Son-in-Law in Merariq Tradition

124-139 Aliya Dwi Citra Adhiningsih, Dhiny Nedyasari, Deby Suteja
Read Statistic: 39
PDF Downloads: 39

Feeding the World: How Tariff and Quota Policies Influence Global Food Sales Volumes-An Indonesian Perspective

140-157 Nurhayati
Read Statistic: 44
PDF Downloads: 58

Optimizing Democracy: The Political Law of Digitization Policy for the Prevention of Election Disputes in Indonesia

158-175 Khoirunnisa, Didi Jubaidi
Read Statistic: 109
PDF Downloads: 84

Climate Change and Its Impact on the Increase in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Cases in North Maluku Province (Case Study in Tidore Islands City)

176-189 Sarbaini A Karim
Read Statistic: 82
PDF Downloads: 53

Health Communication Strategy in Changing Community Nutrition Behavior and Reducing Stunting Cases in South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

190-204 Ilham Gemiharto, Seira Matsumoto, Zanele Molefe
Read Statistic: 65
PDF Downloads: 65

Breaking the Patriarchal Mold: A Journal on Feminism, Singleness, and Women’s Empowerment in Jakarta

205-219 Angellica
Read Statistic: 44
PDF Downloads: 36

A Qualitative Content Analysis on MilkLife Instagram Towards Awareness of Lactose-Free Milk on Urban Indonesian Consumer

220-236 Rizal BD Herdian, Mirza Syafitri, Almira N Fauzi
Read Statistic: 87
PDF Downloads: 72

Mass Communication Strategy in Encouraging the Adoption of a Healthy Lifestyle in Society

237-253 Patricia Margy Ariana, Adina Clarashiva, Silvana Stela Pakaya
Read Statistic: 91
PDF Downloads: 68

Media Representation and Digital Engagement: Analyzing @IndonesianMedicalCenter's Impact on Public Health Communication

254-271 Nurul Anisa, Haris Prayudi, Alfi Ramadhani
Read Statistic: 31
PDF Downloads: 24

Digital Diplomacy: Hololive Indonesia and Virtual Youtuber (Vtuber) as Indonesia's New Public Diplomacy

272-287 Gustav Gallennius, Salsabila Andi Akil
Read Statistic: 100
PDF Downloads: 69

Leveraging Community Health Workers as a Novel Approach to Reduce Maternal Mortality: A Discourse Analysis

288-301 Janet Awobode, Vera Ansie
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 21

China's Debt Trap in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail Project

302-313 Rifia Azka Nabiilah, Deasy Silvya Sari
Read Statistic: 21
PDF Downloads: 15

Optimization of Institutional Roles Based on Regional Leadership Commitment (A Case Study in Garut Regency)

314-329 Widaningsih, Novianita Rulandari, Aceng Ulumudin
Read Statistic: 11
PDF Downloads: 7