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Vol 4 No 3 (2023): July

The author's countries are America.


Published: Jul 31, 2023

The Effects of Instagram-Based Information Dissemination and the Perceived Green Value on Z-Generation’s Interest in Thrifting

336-349 Muhimmatul Ifadah, Ana Madinatul Ilmi, Virza Utama Alamsyah, Gede Herry Arum Wijaya
Read Statistic: 160
PDF Downloads: 119

The Trends In Educational Management Research And Its Implications To Higher Education: A Bibliometric Analysis

350-365 Daryono
Read Statistic: 40
PDF Downloads: 42

New Media in Global Politics: the Role of Media in the Image Construction of African Region

366-375 Phoebe Inggrid Angeline Romauli, Nathanael Jusac Lie, Rizqa Aliefiarahma, Aurelia Syafina Luthfi, Glen Matthew, Said Rivaldi Assagaf
Read Statistic: 50
PDF Downloads: 40

The Effects of Religiosity and Halal Knowledge on the Decision to Use the Covid-19 Vaccine

376-389 Nabila Nurrahmi, Reny Fitriana Kaban, Hidayat Sofyan Widjaja
Read Statistic: 46
PDF Downloads: 41

The Role of the Family and Social Networks as Agents of Social Control in Correctional Institution Class I (A case Study in Sukamiskin, Bandung)

390-402 Hilda Mianita
Read Statistic: 72
PDF Downloads: 50

The Role of Indonesia’s Islamic Philanthropic Institutions in Poverty Alleviation During the Covid 19 Pandemic 2022

403-418 Rizkya Lutfi Amalin, Romli SA, Maftukhatusolikhah
Read Statistic: 32
PDF Downloads: 46

Analyzing the Motives of US Foreign Policy in Iraq

419-428 Dina Yulianti, Arfin Sudirman, Francesca Klarensia Angela
Read Statistic: 211
PDF Downloads: 70

The Evaluation of Plantation Development Policy in the City of Tidore Island

429-440 Isra Muksin
Read Statistic: 34
PDF Downloads: 28

The Communication Channels and the Innovation Perception on The Adoption of E-Commerce in Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

441-454 Maharani Imran
Read Statistic: 39
PDF Downloads: 28

The Development Ideas for Travel Applications Featuring Three Tourism Objects in Indonesia

455-465 I Dewa Gde Satrya, Thomas S Kaihatu, Lexi Pranata Budidharmanto
Read Statistic: 32
PDF Downloads: 34

The Impacts of Performance Appraisal on Employee’s Job Satisfaction and Organizational Behavior

466-480 Abdul Basir Hamidi
Read Statistic: 117
PDF Downloads: 57

The Great Reset: The Implementation of Sustainable Development in Economy Post Covid-19

481-494 Alviola Taraditha Asmarani, Said Rivaldi Assagaf, Raffyanda Muhammad Indrajaya, Kevin Thedeus, Fitria Rachmawati
Read Statistic: 34
PDF Downloads: 15

The Impact of the European Union’s Palm Oil Resolution Policy on the Indonesian Economy Sector

495-507 Fatima Benyaich, Hendra Maujana Saragih, Joel Jeremis Siburian
Read Statistic: 37
PDF Downloads: 50

China as an Alternative Source of FDI: Analyzing The Cases in Indonesia

508-517 Said Rivaldi Assagaf, Aridiva Firdharizki, Hernando Wisnumurti
Read Statistic: 39
PDF Downloads: 25

Analysis of the Role of MUI North Sumatra Through the Empowerment of Waqf Al Nuqud in Increasing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in North Sumatra

Muhammad Faishal Yahya, Yenni Samri Juliati Nasution
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