In Vol 4 No 1 there are several authors from Taiwan, Myanmar, China, Phillipines, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand.


Published: Jan 27, 2023

The Important Role of Environmental Justice in Supporting Green Schools

1-17 Aminah Zuhriyah
Read Statistic: 165
PDF Downloads: 210

Does Corruption Have a Bad Impact on Local Government Performance

18-29 Khairudin Khairudin, Rahmawati Rahmawati, Jaka Winarna, Evi Gantyowati
Read Statistic: 195
PDF Downloads: 242

Community Empowerment through the Development of the Cisaat Tourism Village, Subang Regency

30-39 Willya Achmad, Hsiu. M Chuang , Uga Pratama Gunawan, Dini Nadila, Ikhsan Maulana
Read Statistic: 356
PDF Downloads: 399

Interpersonal Communication of the Election Commission as a Strategy in Efforts to Improve the Political Efficiency of the Fisherman Community in Manggar District, Belitung Timur Regency

40-54 Asrikah Asrikah; Erman Anom
Read Statistic: 123
PDF Downloads: 155

Integrated Model of Drugs Addictive Client Spirituality Development

55-64 Arip Sentosa, Raihan Raihan, Attabik Lutfi
Read Statistic: 106
PDF Downloads: 167

Communication Patterns of the Head of Religious Affairs Office (KUA) in Reducing the Divorce Rate

65-73 Basri Basri; Erman Anom
Read Statistic: 190
PDF Downloads: 187

Digital Media Literacy and Their Role at Elderly Live (Studies Phenomenology at Yang-Eyang School Community at Jember)

74-88 Devi Saufa Yardha, Erman Anom, Halomoan Harahap, Iswadi Iswadi
Read Statistic: 254
PDF Downloads: 248

Improving Service Quality Through Customer Satisfaction of Type D Hospital : A Phenomenological Approach

89-104 Ayu Pratiwi, Saophasith Channgakham, Myat Thinzar Lin
Read Statistic: 99
PDF Downloads: 170

The Role of Intercultural Communication Competence in Business Collaboration to Develop Start Ups in the Global Era

105-118 Siti Nurbaity, John Benedict C. Marasigan, Ravin Kumar A/L Nadarajan
Read Statistic: 361
PDF Downloads: 823

Implementation of Good Governance Principles in Improving Public Services : A Case Study of the Ministry of Education and Culture

119-131 Wahidin Septa Zahran, Airi Terada, Jiraporn Saengsroi
Read Statistic: 405
PDF Downloads: 388