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DOI: https://doi.org/10.52728/ijjm.v2i3

Published: Jul 31, 2021

The Effect of Job Stress and Cyberloafing on Organizational Commitment on Soe Bank Employees in The City of Surabaya

133-141 Sahrul Fahad, Anang Kistyanto
Read Statistic: 892
Pdf Downloads: 678

The Role of Marketing Innovation Mediation on The Influence of Organizational Creativity on Marketing Performance During The Covid-19 Pandemic Study on MSMEs Incorporated in Bojonegoro APMMIK

142-153 Andrik Wijayanto, Sanaji
Read Statistic: 454
Pdf Downloads: 458

Consumer motivation and service quality in using luxurious wedding decoration

154-162 Ibnu Aziz Manazam, Monika Tiarawati
Read Statistic: 328
Pdf Downloads: 287

The Effect of Social Media Influencer and Brand Image On Online Purchase Intention During The Covid-19 Pandemic

163-171 Feby Eka Vivi Setio Putri, Monika Tiarawati
Read Statistic: 3793
Pdf Downloads: 2545

Analysis of the Business Environment in Construction Service Industry in DKI Jakarta Indonesia

172-185 Rukun Santoso, Erwin Permana, Brahim Abdullah
Read Statistic: 486
Pdf Downloads: 338

Determinants of Employee Performance Mediated by Organizational Commitment

186-200 Endang Saefuddin Mubarok, Ronita, Euis Bandawati
Read Statistic: 252
Pdf Downloads: 234

Determination of Hotel Room Rental Rates Using the Cost-Plus Pricing Method

201-205 Hamdan
Read Statistic: 214
Pdf Downloads: 155

Description And Causes Of Having Work Engagement In Employees

206-215 Yuli Evitha, Resista Vikaliana, La Ode Sabaruddin, Adji Sapta, Fino Wahyudi Abdul
Read Statistic: 155
Pdf Downloads: 209

Hr Development Strategy In The Industrial 4.0 Revolution In The Pandemic Of Covid-19

216-225 Endah Fantini, Nidaul Izzah, Elfa Setiawan, Dedy Kusna Utama, Samsudin
Read Statistic: 416
Pdf Downloads: 272

Culinary Product Innovation Strategy Micro, Small and Medium Entreprise in The New Normal Era

226-232 Dewi Nurbaiti, Nur Fitri Rahmawati, Suparman, Rousdy Safari Tamba, Thamrin
Read Statistic: 241
Pdf Downloads: 258