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Vol 5 No 1 (2024): 2024


Published: Jan 4, 2024

The Effect of Risk Profile, Profitability, and Capital on Profit Growth of Indonesian Digital Banks

1-22 Tanti Yulianingsih, Erna Listiana, Helma Malini, Wendy, Giriati
Read Statistic: 92
PDF Downloads: 68

The Role of Brand Image in Mediating the Influence of Social Media Marketing and Product Quality on Purchase Decision Uniqlo in Indonesia

23-44 Rizki Zulfi Akbari, Wendy, Erna Listiana, Hasanudin, Rizky Fauzan
Read Statistic: 261
PDF Downloads: 142

Does e-WOM and Product Quality Impact Purchase Decision in Tiktok Indonesia?

45-61 Shemma Anggia Romanisti, Juniwati, Wenny Pebrianti, Heriyadi, Arman Jaya
Read Statistic: 186
PDF Downloads: 64

The Influence of Political Connections on Banking Performance with Board of Directors Diversity as a Moderating Variable

62-78 Eva Putriani, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Eddy Suranta, Danang Adi Putra
Read Statistic: 60
PDF Downloads: 34

State Asset Utilization to Support Public Private Partnership Project in Indonesia: A State Asset Management Review

79-96 Eko Nur Surachman
Read Statistic: 91
PDF Downloads: 45

Is Reliable Information Technology Important For Supporting Work-From-Home Practices in Mining Companies After the Pandemic?

97-112 Nodi Winata, Sri Fitriani, Mugi Gustari, Anita Maharani
Read Statistic: 96
PDF Downloads: 39

Determinants on Green Repurchase Intention Vegan Skincare Products: The Mediation of Attitude Towards Behavior

113-132 Aini Leily Ramadhina, V. Santi Paramita
Read Statistic: 151
PDF Downloads: 96

Sentiment Analysis and Marketing Mix in Twitter Conversations About Mixue

133-156 Rully Arifiansyah
Read Statistic: 58
PDF Downloads: 35

The Concept of Government Treasurer: Indonesia Case Study

157-177 Joko Sumantri, Muhammad Syahrul Fuady
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 18

Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategy in Increasing Company Competitiveness

178-190 Sugito
Read Statistic: 16
PDF Downloads: 7

Influence of Social Media Influencers on Parasocial Interaction Impacts Value Perception and Purchase Intention Luxury Bags

191-211 Syifa Maryanto, Ajib Royhana, Revaldi Dhamatiyo, Rini Setiowati
Read Statistic: 111
PDF Downloads: 82

Optimizing Financial Performance: A Comprehensive Examination of Economic Value Added (EVA) and Market Value Added (MVA) at Telecommunication Companies in Indonesia

212-232 Ade Maharini Adiandari, I Komang Bayu Anggara
Read Statistic: 45
PDF Downloads: 28

The Influence of Motivation, Work Environment, and Competency on Employee Job Satisfaction at PT PLN (Persero) Bali Transmission Implementing Unit

233-250 I Gusti Ngurah Puja Mantrawan, Putu Indah Rahmawati, Ni Kadek Sinarwati
Read Statistic: 59
PDF Downloads: 22

Integrating Banking Fundamental Factors with Financial Technologies in Increasing Banking Performance

251-260 Adrianna Syariefur Rakhmat, Mohammad Hatta Fahamsyah, Preatmi Nurastuti, Muhammad Hamdan Ainulyaqin
Read Statistic: 30
PDF Downloads: 29

The Digitalization in Insurance Broker Industry: How Artificial Intelligence Affect This Industry

261-279 Arvidhia Khalisa
Read Statistic: 146
PDF Downloads: 93

Side Effects of Brand Ambassadors on Brands ā€œsā€

280-293 Ignatius Richard Kuswandi, Benedicta Alvina Kurniadi, Rindina Hundura
Read Statistic: 37
PDF Downloads: 32

The Influence of Compensation, Motivation, and Work Discipline on Employee Performance

294-307 Giri Nurpribadi, Erina Rulianti, Fachrur Rozy Al Banteni
Read Statistic: 44
PDF Downloads: 39

The Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Jobs Characteristic, and Burnout on Turnover Intention

308-319 Suwandi Suwandi, Yuan Badrianto
Read Statistic: 49
PDF Downloads: 36

The Influence of Sustainable Captured Fish Supply Chain Management on the Quality of Sea-Caught Fish Exports

320-339 Afferdhy Ariffien, Iman Sudirman, Atty Tri Juniati
Read Statistic: 30
PDF Downloads: 27
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