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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2024): April 2024

Published: Apr 3, 2024

The Effect of Consumer Perceptions and Innovation Adoption on Their Intentions to Purchase Online

359-374 Anisah, Emmy Indrayani, Didin Mukodim
Read Statistic: 87
PDF Downloads: 114

Fraud Triangle Analysis Detects Fraudulent Financial Statements Using A Fraud Score Model from BUMN Bank 2012-2022

375-388 Almandio Adha, Emmy Indrayani
Read Statistic: 115
PDF Downloads: 91

Customer Loyalty in the case of Business-to-Business Company: Will Marketing Mix Still Work?

389-400 Muhammad Azka Prasetya, Anita Maharani, Shine Pintor Siolemba Patiro
Read Statistic: 102
PDF Downloads: 79

Analyzıng the Impact of Knowledge Sharıng in Vırtual Teams: Practıcal Evıdence from Indonesıa Open Unıversıty

Sri Yusriani, Shine Pintor Siolemba Patiro, Endi Rekarti, Charisma Rahmat Pamungkas, Nunung Nurbaeti
Read Statistic: 61
PDF Downloads: 24

Application of Critical Chain Project Management on Engine Maintenance at PT. Rekatama Putra Gegana Aviation

Ridha Azka Raga, Husna Putri Pertiwi, Jasrial Jasrial
Read Statistic: 64
PDF Downloads: 29

Analysis of QRIS Payment System Financial Literacy and Financial Management Performance on the Development of MSMEs

442-453 Hamdan, Yoga Adiyanto, Deni Sunaryo
Read Statistic: 63
PDF Downloads: 52

The Impacts of Organizational Changes on Negative Emotion Resulting on Employee Resistance in the Insurance Office of PT Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi Indonesia (ACPI)

454-464 Azuarini Diah Parwati, Shine Pintor S Patiro, Minrohayati
Read Statistic: 18
PDF Downloads: 16

Pandemic Pivot: Unraveling the Digital Fashion Frontier on Shopee

465-481 Lusitania Lintang
Read Statistic: 18
PDF Downloads: 10

Instagram Ads Usage to Increase Interest of Generation Z House Buying of PT Wengga Citra Jaya in East Kotawaringin

482-502 Werra Triokta Viananda, Deddy Muharman
Read Statistic: 18
PDF Downloads: 19

Beyond Aesthetic Communication Strategies in Improving the Company's Image Through Social Media

503-523 Erin Arita Naori, Deddy Muharman
Read Statistic: 15
PDF Downloads: 16

Human Resource Competency Development to Support the Development of Blue Economy-Based Marine Energy

524-541 Ryani Dhyan Parashakti, Didin Hikmah Perkasa, Dwi Aprillita, Meysiel Elvaresia, Muhammad Alif Rizky
Read Statistic: 145
PDF Downloads: 67

Utilitarian and Hedonic Shopping Motives and Attitude towards Online Shopping of Generation Z in Indonesia

542-558 Ike Janita Dewi, Umbu Saga Ana Kaka Mahemba
Read Statistic: 36
PDF Downloads: 39

Implementation of QRIS Digital Payments to Encourage The Development of Local MSMEs in Bali

559-568 Dewa Gde Yoga Permana, Julang Aryowiloto
Read Statistic: 34
PDF Downloads: 17

The Operational Risk Management and Supplier Service Recovery in Improving Customer Satisfaction

569-586 Ichsan Gaffar, Ika Agustina, Tohiroh, Adi Wicaksono
Read Statistic: 30
PDF Downloads: 18

Beyond Reach: Social Media Performance as A Key Metricfor Marketing Success

587-605 Mohamad Rifqy Roosdhani, Samsul Arifin, Khamisah Abd Manaf
Read Statistic: 30
PDF Downloads: 7

Implementing Human Resource Strategy in Trans Studio Garden Tanjungpinang

606-616 Satriadi, Tara Chairunnisya, Fery Prayoga Saputra, Fhertyna Apriyanti, Irmawati
Read Statistic: 16
PDF Downloads: 24

Digital Marketing Applications in the Retail Sector: A Systematic Mapping Study

617-636 Dini Indiani, Ria Arifianti, Anang Muftiadi
Read Statistic: 9
PDF Downloads: 15

Certificate of Origin Management in Supporting the Export Process: A Qualitative Descriptive Analysis on Marine Cargo Expeditions

637-648 Sumarwanto, Evada Rustina, Arief Dermawan, Hening Nakuloadi, Fajar Aribowo, Alam Setiawan
Read Statistic: 14
PDF Downloads: 13

Finding Talent: What Does Talent Management Require in Order to Change?

649-668 Reni Rosari, Vania Olivine Danarilia, Heni Ardianto
Read Statistic: 40
PDF Downloads: 21

Persuasive Through Ethos, Logos, and Pathos in BTS' Speech at The White House

669-678 Renita Nabila Putri, Deddy Muharman, Fath Mashuri
Read Statistic: 2
PDF Downloads: 7
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