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Ilomata International Journal of Management is a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal that aims to promote an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to management. The journal focuses on issues related to business and international management, management of international systems, organizational behavior and human resource management, strategy, and tourism, leisure and hospitality management of new methodologies and technologies that contribute to strategic and operational improvements of organizations within the contemporary global environment. Journal Indexed or abstracting and Citations Analysis. Journal History

Vol 3 No 3 (2022): July 2022


Published: Jul 31, 2022

Leadership-The Most Important Area of Educational Performance

284-297 Seema Bhakuni
Read Statistic: 66
PDF Downloads: 66

Reformulating a Market-Driven Service Strategy of Community-Based Tourist Destinations Post-Pandemic Covid-19: Evidence from Indonesia

298-318 Ginta Ginting, Ike Janita Dewi
Read Statistic: 53
PDF Downloads: 42

Analysis of Wages and Severance Pay During the Covid-19 Pandemic Reviewed from Labor Law

319-336 Emi Wakhyuni, Siti Nurhayati, Abdi Setiawan
Read Statistic: 68
PDF Downloads: 59

Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance Before and After the Acquisition (Study on the Go Public Acquisitors For The Period of 2011-2019)

337-352 Amalia Nur Masita, Maria Theresia Heni Widyarti, Tutik Dwi Karyanti, Alvianita Gunawan Putri
Read Statistic: 56
PDF Downloads: 34

Financial Literacy and Investment Behaviour of IT Professional With Reference To Bangalore City

353-362 Mahabub Basha Shaik, M. Kethan, T. Jaggaiah
Read Statistic: 62
PDF Downloads: 68

The Influence of Customer Trust and Value on Customer Loyalty Small and Medium Business (Smes) PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Branch Office Cilegon

363-379 Hamdan Hamdan
Read Statistic: 52
PDF Downloads: 42

Importance of Current Ratio and Dividend Yield Ratio in Moderating Process on Stock Prices

380-402 Deni Sunaryo
Read Statistic: 69
PDF Downloads: 50

The Importance of Indicators : Product Quality Direct Selling and Advertising in Solving The Problem of The Pizza Hut Purchase During The Covid-19 Pandemic

403-416 Yoga Adiyanto
Read Statistic: 78
PDF Downloads: 47

Customer Loyalty Analysis Affected by Location and Promotion through Purchase Decisions and Customer Satisfaction

417-428 Azka Nur Khanifah, Aris Budiono
Read Statistic: 67
PDF Downloads: 48

Analysis of the Imposition of VAT on Business Through E-Commerce at KPP Bekasi Utara in 2021

429-438 Teguh Santoso, Riri Julia
Read Statistic: 67
PDF Downloads: 35
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