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Vol. 5 No. 3 (2024): July 2024

Published: Jul 10, 2024

Determinants of Corporate Value in Indonesia: Testing the Interaction Effect of Firm Age

679-693 Stevani, Wendy
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 15

Transforming Organizational Culture in a State-Owned Construction Firm: Insights from the Competing Values Framework

694-713 Gugup Kismono, Stephen Gunawan
Read Statistic: 6
PDF Downloads: 5

Testing Interaction Effect of Firm Size on Net Trade Credit: Another Perpective from Indonesian Capital Market

714-728 Andre, Wendy
Read Statistic: 4
PDF Downloads: 8

Increasing Tourist Satisfaction Through Service Quality: The Mediating Role of Memorable Tourism Experience

729-742 Nova Eviana
Read Statistic: 2
PDF Downloads: 6

Exploring Accountability and Transparency in Government Agency Management: A Literature Review

743-762 Syati Irawati, Atma Hayat, Asrid Juniar, Sri Astuti Handayani
Read Statistic: 117
PDF Downloads: 36

The Influence of Financial Inclusion, Financial Planning, and Financial Attitudes on the Financial Management of Culinary MSME Owners Lubuk Pakam

763-775 Ayu Andini, Andri Soemitra, Budi Dharma
Read Statistic: 25
PDF Downloads: 22

Enhancing SME Business Savings through HR Practices and Financial Literacy

776-793 Efriyani Sumastuti Sumastuti
Read Statistic: 3
PDF Downloads: 7

Effect of Self-Service Technology on Customer Satisfaction in Islamic Banks in Indonesia : FEBI UINSU Students

794-806 Agung Nugraha, Rahmat Daim Harahap, Wahyu Syarvina
Read Statistic: 33
PDF Downloads: 30

BUMDes Management Strategy in Improving Community Economic Welfare

(Case Study of East Sukadamai Village, Langkat Regency)

807-822 Muhammad Luis, Muhammad Yafiz, Nurul Jannah
Read Statistic: 19
PDF Downloads: 31

Exploring Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking Among University Students: A Thematic Analysis

823-844 Pranoto Effendi
Read Statistic: 27
PDF Downloads: 3

Analysis of the Cycle Selling Skill System in Increasing Sales of Health Insurance Products

845-858 Khairani Putri, Annio Indah Lestari, Nurul Jannah
Read Statistic: 40
PDF Downloads: 23
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