Published: Dec 29, 2023

What do we know about Cooperative Compliance? Insights from Literature Review in Transfer Pricing Supervision

1-14 Supriyadi
Read Statistic: 120
PDF Downloads: 115

The Role of External Assurance in Moderating the Effect of Sustainability Reporting Quality on Firm Value

15-27 Yolita Deantri Anisa, Nikmah
Read Statistic: 174
PDF Downloads: 135

The Effect of Earnings Management on Dividend Policy: Concentrated Ownership and Audit Committee Expertise as Moderating Variables

28-43 Shabira Dwi Anggraini, Eddy Suranta, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty
Read Statistic: 168
PDF Downloads: 153

The Effect of Concentrated Ownership on Tax Avoidance: CSR Mediates or Moderates

44-59 Syahfira Putri Kinanti, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Eddy Suranta, Danang Adi Putra
Read Statistic: 126
PDF Downloads: 146

Earnings Management Before, During and After Covid-19 Period in the Hotels and Tourism Subsector Subsector Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

60-76 Widia Dwi Syahputri, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Eddy Suranta, Danang Adi Putra
Read Statistic: 154
PDF Downloads: 95

The Effect of Accrual Earnings Management and Real Earnings Management on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Performance

77-96 Alfiyyah Nuur Fadhilah, Eddy Suranta
Read Statistic: 233
PDF Downloads: 199

Carbon Tax Research Trend

97-113 Muhammad Bima, Rhisma Indah Setiawati, Dwi Apriliana Agustin, Mohamad Djasuli
Read Statistic: 106
PDF Downloads: 101

Financial Reporting and Audit Quality Impact on Investment Efficiency in Indonesian Transport and Logistics Companies

114-127 Aziza Chinhayu, Saiful
Read Statistic: 123
PDF Downloads: 104

The Influence of Earning Management, Dividend Policy, and Free Float Ratio on Stock Returns

128-143 Alfin Alifi, Lestari Kurniawati
Read Statistic: 132
PDF Downloads: 107

The Influence of Tax Exclusion Policies and Other Factors on the Value of Dividends Paid by Public Companies in Indonesia

144-161 Mohamad Nor Rizal, Supriyadi, Mohammad Fachrudin
Read Statistic: 84
PDF Downloads: 78

Enhancing Tax Compliance in Indonesian Government Institutions: Identifying and Mitigating Inhibiting Factors

162-179 Heriantonius Silalahi
Read Statistic: 96
PDF Downloads: 73

The Influence of Good Corporate Governance, Firm Size, and Operating Capacity on Financial Distress (Study of Retail Trade Sub-Sector Companies Listed on The Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2017-2022)

180-201 Siti, V. Santi Paramita Paramita
Read Statistic: 174
PDF Downloads: 177

The Effect of the Implementation of Environmental Accounting on Profitability in Mining Sector Companies Listed on the Efek Indonesia Exchange

202-220 Dewi Rejeki, Siti Nurlatifah
Read Statistic: 128
PDF Downloads: 119

The Moderating Effect of Sustainability Reporting on the Influence of Tax Avoidance on Firm Value

221-233 Hendi, Desinta Pramesti, Budi Harsono
Read Statistic: 94
PDF Downloads: 143

Economic Growth Model with Regional Expenditure as a Moderation Variable: Scale in Berau Regency

234-253 Juliansyah Roy, Eny Rochaida, Rahcmad Budi Suharto
Read Statistic: 60
PDF Downloads: 56

The Influence of Financial Literacy, Self-Efficacy, and Coping Strategies on Students' Finances

254-265 Muhamad Syahwildan, Zulfa Zakiatul Hidayah
Read Statistic: 108
PDF Downloads: 86

Examining the Sustainability Report, Financial Performance, and Value of Mining Companies in Indonesia

266-279 Dwi Suhartini, Monika Indah Cahyani Putri, Sofie Yunida Putri
Read Statistic: 68
PDF Downloads: 54

The Impact of Financial Literacy and Digital Awareness on Investment Intentions

280-291 Meidy Lieke Karundeng, Valentine Siagian, Francis Hutabarat, Hisar Pangaribuan
Read Statistic: 51
PDF Downloads: 71

Analysis of Local Tax Potential of Ogan Komering Ulu Regency

292-300 Elsa Calista Zega, Nadhira Hardiana
Read Statistic: 6
PDF Downloads: 5