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Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting With ISSN Number 2714-9846 (Online) - 2714-9838 (Print) is a journal published by Yayasan Sinergi Kawula Muda, published original scholarly papers in the field of finance and tax law. Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting is published four times a year (January, April, July, October), and in cooperation with the Asosiasi Riset Ekonomi dan Akuntansi Indonesia. Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting is indexed in Science Technology Index, Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Garba Rujukan Digital (GARUDA), Google Scholar, Crossref, Dimensions, and has currently been cited 32 times from 11 articles in the Scopus database (Update August 28, 2023) Citedness in Scopus. Please visit this page to submit to this journal. Journal History


Vol. 5 No. 2 (2024): April 2024

Published: Apr 13, 2024

Environmental Audit and CSR Practices on the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

322-337 Trinandari Prasetya Nugrahanti, Shanti Lysandra
Read Statistic: 117
PDF Downloads: 100

Boosting Firm Performance: Insights from the Food & Beverage Sector's Key Drivers

338-352 Michael, William Widjaja
Read Statistic: 82
PDF Downloads: 51

The Impact of Corporate Governance in Indonesia's Biggest Banks on Accounting Conservatism Through Audit Quality

353-366 Agung Nurmansyah
Read Statistic: 40
PDF Downloads: 38

The Effects of Tax Sanctions, Taxpayer Awareness, and Tax Understanding MSME on Tax Compliance: The Moderating Role of Risk Preference

367-385 Sinsin Putri Yuliani, Tri Ayu Sistalia, Agung Yulianto
Read Statistic: 278
PDF Downloads: 229

Mapping Green Tax Research Trends: A Bibliometric Analysis Study

386-406 Muhammad Bima, Mohammad Nizarul Alim
Read Statistic: 131
PDF Downloads: 65

Determinants of Company Value With Information Transparency as Moderation In Food Beverage Sector Companies

407-425 Rida Ristiyana, Anna Sofia Atichasari, Rizki Abdullah
Read Statistic: 55
PDF Downloads: 19

The Role of The Housewife in Managing Family Finances (Case Study in South Labuhan Batu Regency)

426-436 Dina Anjani, Yenni Samri Juliati Nasution, Laylan Syafina
Read Statistic: 100
PDF Downloads: 32

Implementation of Tax Incentives on Issuers' Financial Ratios: Reduction and Reaction

437-452 Jufri Yandes, Amud Sunarya, Muhtarom, Destiana
Read Statistic: 50
PDF Downloads: 43

Risk-Return Analysis of Select Tax Saving Mutual Funds

453-464 S. Prasanna Kumar Subramaniam
Read Statistic: 49
PDF Downloads: 61

Literature Review: Development of Credit Union Research Topics Perspectives in The Field of Financial Accounting

465-487 Putri Setyaningrum, Anita Carolina
Read Statistic: 64
PDF Downloads: 59

The Determinants of Mobile E-Wallet Adoption Across Generation, A Lesson Learned From Indonesia

488-502 Nur Arini, Baiq Anggun Hilendri Lestari, Tri Hanani
Read Statistic: 97
PDF Downloads: 83

Foreign Direct Investment In Indonesia: Economic Growth IKN

503-518 Putri Sari, Siti Maysarah
Read Statistic: 98
PDF Downloads: 60

Analysis of the Influence of the Ability to Prepare Financial Reports, Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion on the Financial Performance of MSMES

519-534 Metyria Imelda Hutabarat, Tetty Widiyastuti, Duffin, Nelly Ervina
Read Statistic: 55
PDF Downloads: 44

Detection of the Effects of Hexagon Fraud Theory on Financial Statement Fraudulent

535-553 Aisyah Putri Ramadhanty, Tika Septiani
Read Statistic: 14
PDF Downloads: 12

The Effectiveness of Learning Accounting Information System with MonsoonSIM

554-573 Mahmudi, Maulidyati Aisyah, Herlina Rahmawati Dewi, Asaquita Sophie Premarci
Read Statistic: 11
PDF Downloads: 11

Does the Culture of Hanging Out Affect Taxpayer Compliance In Paying Vehicle Tax

574-589 Maria Yoaneta Tia, Syarif M Helmi, Elok Heniwati
Read Statistic: 5
PDF Downloads: 3

The Impact of Forensic Skills on Fraud Detection in Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

590-604 Ugwudioha Ofili, Celestine Chukwutem Ebogbue, Abraham Momoh Idogho
Read Statistic: 5
PDF Downloads: 37
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