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Please visit this page <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> to submit an article to this journal. <a title="Journal History" href="">Journal History</a></p> The Existence of Women's Entrepreneurship in the VUCA Era: Analyzing The Role of Socio-Cultural Support System and Financing on MSMEs 2023-11-27T02:17:55+00:00 Yerisma Welly Musa Fernando Silaen Debi Eka Putri Martin Yehezkiel Sianipar <p>The challenge for MSMEs in the digital era is the emergence of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity or VUCA, so that the role of socio-cultural support systems and relevant financing is needed for MSMEs, especially those based on women's entrepreneurship. This study aims to analyze how the role of the socio-cultural support system and financing in the development of women entrepreneurship-based MSMEs. This research is quantitative with survey method. Research data were collected through interviews; focus group discussions (FGDs); and surveys of respondents of women entrepreneurship-based MSMEs. Based on the research results, it is known that women entrepreneurship MSMEs can face the VUCA era through the role of the socio-cultural support system, especially dimension_a and dimension_b in developing their business. Then, there is also the role of the financing support system, namely dimension_a and dimension_b. The existence of MSME development supported by the role of the socio-cultural support system and financing will improve the economic conditions of MSME actors in a sustainable manner, even in the VUCA era.</p> 2023-10-20T01:30:38+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Yerisma Welly, Musa Fernando Silaen, Debi Eka Putri, Martin Yehezkiel Sianipar Positive Aspect of Virtual Hotel Operator 2023-11-27T02:17:51+00:00 I Dewa Gde Satrya <p>Traveling is becoming easier with technology. Tourists can choose and determine the accommodation used to stay. Virtual hotel operators (VHO) help travelers choose lodging according to time, cost and desired location. The aim of this research is to describe the advantages of VHO based on family traveler experiences. The growth of tourist accommodation provides choices that benefit tourists. Every accommodation definitely has a market segment. The formulation of the problem in this research is, what are the advantages of VHO based on the experience of family travelers?<strong>.</strong> This research was conducted using a qualitative approach. The primary data source was obtained through the experience of family travelers staying at VHO (OYO and RedDoorz) in 3 cities (Solo, Jogja and Jakarta). VHO’s advantages mainly lie in its location close to the main tourist destinations and affordable prices. Because of these two things, several things that are lacking from VHO do not reduce satisfaction and positive impressions from tourists. Some things are lacking, such as the accommodation environment being less than beautiful, no parking area, lack of privacy.</p> 2023-10-20T01:34:37+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 I Dewa Gde Satrya Sustainable Ecology: Problems and the Perspective of Ecosystems in Tangkahan 2023-11-27T02:17:39+00:00 Yayuk Yuliana Endang Sulistya Rini Sirojuzilam Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang <p>Tourism is a priority sector. Ecotourism involves the community as one of the main actors and prioritizes resource sustainability. Ecological tourism is a sub-category of sustainable tourism or one of the market segments of natural environment-based tourism. The issue of sustainable development has become an important issue that needs to be disseminated in the midst of society and our country can compete and develop following the era of globalization. Ecotourism provides environmental, cultural and economic benefits to local communities. This article describes the management of sustainable ecotourism destinations for a region in Indonesia. Qualitative method is a descriptive method used in this study to provide an overview of the object under study. The results of the study show that the development of ecotourism in Tangkahan is through ecotourism stakeholders who are involved in ecotourism development which in turn has an impact on ecotourism development. Pandemic- era tourism must be able to be developed properly so that health protocols are still carried out but can still attract visitors. Prepare plans that are in accordance with human needs for tourism but are still aligned with protocols for the health of visitors, managers and the community.</p> 2023-10-20T01:40:36+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Yayuk Yuliana, Endang Sulistya Rini, Sirojuzilam, Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang The Magnitude of Celebrity Endorser in Terms of Influencing Followers Trust of Product in Instagram 2023-11-27T02:17:35+00:00 Gemerlang Adhityatama Anita Maharani <p>Instagram is considered as one of powerful social media that enable its user to promote and influence products and or services since the beginning of its existence. Then, the celebrity endorser act as influencer sometimes paid and or unpaid for products and or services. This research seeks the understanding how far could celebrity endorser affect Instagram users to trust products and or service offered by business. Studies found electronic words of mouth practiced within celebrity endorser, but limited studies raise issues between physical attractiveness and social attractiveness within electronic words of mouth with parasocial interaction, therefore specific literatures were elaborated to form research model. This research involves Instagram active users, with no specific locations but have interest in one Celebrity name Anya Geraldine, and Partial Least Square was used to assess the research model while respondents involved in this research were 115 person. After collecting data for one-month from 1<sup>st</sup> January 2023 to 1<sup>st</sup> February 2023 we may assess our hypothesis. This research conclude two factors are not supported, that are physical attractiveness and parasocial interactions.</p> 2023-10-25T01:57:24+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Gemerlang Adhityatama, Anita Maharani Perceiving Ecotourism Awareness under Regulatory Fit, Volunteering Experience and Lifestyle 2023-11-27T02:17:31+00:00 Husna Putri Pertiwi Ridha Azka Raga Jasrial Syafiqoh Nurhayati Dwikora Harjo <p>Indonesia has high potencies of ecotourism attractions, including its natural biodiversity and traditional values spreading in various regions of the archipelagos. However, the shortcoming remains exhibited by many individuals showing poorly pro-environment behavior in tourism places regarding to environmentally and socially. Therefore, our study aims to observe the effect of regulatory fit manipulation (promotion-focus vs. prevention-focus) on increasing emotional involvement to improve ecotourism awareness and examine the antecedent factors that influence individuals’ attitudes towards ecotourism attitudes, which are volunteering experience and consumptive lifestyle. This research is conducted by experimental research to examine two groups of participants under different regulatory fit manipulations (promotion-focus vs. prevention-focus). Data were analyzed by using the multivariate analysis method. Our study revealed that regulatory fit manipulation affects attitudes towards ecotourism, especially under different volunteering experiences and consumptive lifestyles. Thereby, we reveal that embodying regulatory fit for such an environmental campaign effectively enhances consumers’ attitudes toward pro-environmental and ecotourism.</p> 2023-10-25T09:01:33+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Husna Putri Pertiwi, Ridha Azka Raga, Jasrial, Syafiqoh Nurhayati, Dwikora Harjo The Influence of Transformational Leadership Style and Motivation on Employee Performance PT. Bintang Kadiri 2023-11-27T02:17:27+00:00 Rinto Harno Liosten Rianna Roosida Ully T Putri Septi Naulina Hasibuan Liya Rinawati <p>The purpose of this study was to ascertain the impact of motivation and a transformational leadership style on the productivity of PT. Bintang Kadiri employees in Kediri Regency, to ascertain the impact of transformational leadership style and motivation on the output of PT. Bintang Kadiri employees, and to determine the indirect impact of transformational leadership style and motivation on performance through job satisfaction of PT. Bintang Kadiri employees as well as ascertaining the impact of job satisfaction has a significant impact on the performance of the company PT. Bintang Kadiri. The goal of this study, which involved 30 respondents, was to determine how transformational leadership style and motivation affect job satisfaction and how those factors affect the performance of PT. Bintang Kadiri personnel. The study's findings for the first hypothesis led to an explanation of how PT. Bintang Kadiri employees' job satisfaction is influenced by their motivation and transformational leadership style at the same time, the second premise can be justified by showing how the motivation and leadership style of PT. Bintang Kadiri personnel have an impact on their performance, the third theory is that employees of PT. Bintang Kadiri from Motivation perform better when their leaders adopt a transformational style, and the fourth hypothesis showed the employee performance at PT. Bintang Kadiri is significantly impacted by job satisfaction.</p> 2023-10-25T09:04:34+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Rinto Harno, Liosten Rianna Roosida Ully T, Putri Septi Naulina Hasibuan , Liya Rinawati The Influence of on the Academic Procrastination of Community Science Polytechnic Cadents 2023-11-27T02:17:22+00:00 Ibnu Arif Risyat Kusmiyanti <p>Starting from excessive use of smartphones and the phenomenon of violations of cadet life regulations regarding careless use of smartphones, the author raised this issue into a scientific article. This article uses quantitative research methods with a population of 345 cadets and a sample of 181 cadets of the 55th Class of Correctional Science Polytechnic using calculations from the Krejci and Morgan sample table. This article finds that there is an influence of Smartphone Addiction on the Academic Procrastination of Correctional Science Polytechnic Cadets. This shows that the more the quality of Smartphone Addiction Cadets increases, the level of Academic Procrastination of the Correctional Science Polytechnic Cadets will also increase. From the results of the Coefficient Test (R2), it is known that the influence of Smartphone Addiction on the Academic Procrastination of Correctional Science Polytechnic Cadets has a percentage of 11.7% and 88.3% is influenced by factors other than Smartphone Addiction. Some of the suggestions given by the author are: Educational Programs on Healthy Smartphone Use, Development of Learning Support Applications, Time Management Skills Workshops, Development of a Supportive Learning Environment, Data Collection and Advanced Research, Collaboration with other institutions, and Tightening Enforcement of Disciplinary Punishments Regarding Use Smartphones. From the results of the Coefficient Test (R2), it is known that the influence of Smartphone Addiction on the Academic Procrastination of Correctional Science Polytechnic Cadets has a percentage of 11.7% and 88.3% is influenced by factors other than Smartphone Addiction.</p> 2023-10-26T02:01:26+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ibnu Arif Risyat, Kusmiyanti Marketing Strategies to Attract Millenial Generation Consumers' Buying Intentions 2023-11-27T02:17:20+00:00 Putu Ayu Titha Paramita Pika <p>Purpose of this research is to find out the marketing strategies implemented by MS GLOW attract the buying interest of millennial generation consumers and determine the buying interest of millennial generation consumers towards MS GLOW products. The research uses qualitative methods. The research location was in Semarapura Kelod, Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia. This research sample used purposive sampling with six informants: business owners, employees, and consumers. Researchers used interviews, documentation, observation methods, and data wetness to collect data using triangulation of sources and techniques. Data analysis uses data collection, reduction, display, and Conclusion Drawing. The research results show that the marketing strategy carried out by MS GLOW Klungkung in implementing the marketing mix can be said to be quite successful because one of the main strategies in determining the success of marketing activities on the scale at MS GLOW Klungkung is determining the marketing mix. Implementing marketing strategies to attract consumer buying interest has been carried out effectively by the MS GLOW Klungkung distributor, done offline or online. However, all the marketing strategies that have been carried out to attract millennial consumers, where reviews on social media about MS GLOW products influence trust. The perception of customers with different beliefs about a product means that it is still difficult to attract millennial consumers' buying intention.</p> 2023-11-01T06:54:26+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Putu Ayu Titha Paramita Pika The Effect of Easy and Quality Service on Interest in Using BCA Mobile Banking through Trust as an Intervening Variable 2023-11-27T02:17:17+00:00 Angga Putri Ekanova Nurlaela Septi Mariani Tis’a Ramadhani Yunita Niken Ayu Ramadhanti <p>The rapid development of science and technology in the digital era has influenced people's lifestyles when accessing a lot of information in various service functions via electronic means. Banking utilizes information technology in mobile banking services. The aim of this research is to determine and analyze the influence of perceived convenience and service quality on interest in using BCA Mobile Banking through trust as an intervening variable. The research method uses primary data obtained from distributing questionnaires to 100 people aged at least 17 years who have used or are currently using BCA Mobile Banking in Jabodetabek. The analytical tools used are validity test, reliability test, R-Square test, path coefficient test, and indirect effect test (path analysis). The research results show that perceptions of convenience and service quality influence interest in using BCA Mobile Banking through trust. Perceived convenience does not influence interest in using BCA Mobile Banking, while service quality influences interest in using BCA Mobile Banking. Perception of Ease and Quality of Service directly and indirectly influences Interest in Using BCA Mobile Banking through Trust</p> 2023-11-01T07:00:24+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Angga Putri Ekanova Nurlaela, Septi Mariani Tis’a Ramadhani, Yunita Niken Ayu Ramadhanti Strategy to Increase the Effectiveness of Capacity Building Programs for Village-Owned Enterprises 2023-11-27T02:17:13+00:00 Sri Juni Woro Astuti Arini Sulistyowati Yanuar Fauzuddin <p>Various facts indicate that the capacity building program for Village Owned Enterprises (BUM Desa) is not yet optimal. The existence of BUM Desa which is spread in almost all villages in Indonesia, it turns out that only about 10% are active. Even though the Indonesian Government really hopes that the existence of Bum Desa will be able to accelerate the economic recovery of village communities after the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore this study aims to find alternative strategies for more effective capacity building programs. The research method used is qualitative. This study took samples from three villages in East Java. Data collection through in-depth interviews, observation, FGD and documentation. The results of the study show that the three BUM Desa have not implemented modern and professional management. This indicates that the capacity building program that has been implemented has not been running effectively, so it is necessary to look for alternative strategies that can increase the effectiveness of the capacity building program. The results of the study identified village local wisdom values that could be synergized in the management of BUM Desa and received support from all stakeholders, especially the community. Finally, this research recommends that the implementation of capacity building programs for village governments be synergized with local wisdom values.</p> 2023-11-06T02:53:24+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Sri Juni Woro Astuti, Arini Sulistyowati, Yanuar Fauzuddin Savings and Investment Patterns of Indonesian Society: An Analysis of Household Financial Behavior 2023-11-27T02:17:07+00:00 Fatra Syahlan <p>The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive picture of financial behaviors in this dynamic socioeconomic context by examining the saving and investment habits of Indonesian households. Using a mixed-methods approach, the study combines quantitative survey data with qualitative material obtained through in-depth interviews. The demographic profile of the sample demonstrates a broad range of representation in terms of age groups, income levels, levels of education attained, and employment circumstances. Quantitative analyses reveal that a significant portion of participants save on a regular basis, with a variety of investment portfolios and savings vehicles that they prefer. Relationships between socioeconomic factors, such as education level and income, provide crucial information about what motivates people to make financial decisions. The findings demonstrate the important roles that behavioral variables, cultural influences, and risk perceptions all have in shaping household financial decisions. The study's conclusions, which highlight the need of targeted financial education programs and culturally sensitive interventions, can be helpful to policymakers, financial institutions, and educators alike. Overall, this study broadens our knowledge of household financial behavior and offers data that Indonesia can utilize to create policies that promote economic empowerment and financial resilience.</p> 2023-11-06T11:27:39+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Fatra Syahlan Performance Of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) Jeruju Berkah in Jeruju Big Village Kubu Raya District (Case Study of the Tourism Business Sector in the Equator Park Area Post Covid 19) 2023-11-27T02:17:04+00:00 Bima Sujendra Pabali Musa Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho <p>This research aims to analyze the Development Strategy for Village-Owned Enterprises (B.U.M.D.E.S.) in Jeruju Berkah, especially in the Tourism Business Sector in the Equator Park Area in Jeruju Besar Village, Kubu Raya Regency, Post-Covid 19. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. The research results show that the establishment of Village-Owned Enterprises (B.U.M.D.E.S.) can be used as a strategy that should be considered in village development efforts and to improve community welfare. Meanwhile, the obstacles are the abandonment of Village-Owned Enterprises in the Equator Park Area Tourism Business Sector during COVID-19, the lack of number of visitors after the Village-Owned Enterprises in the Equator Park Area Tourism Business Sector reopened after COVID-19, and the lack of innovation carried out by the management in promoting Equator Tourism. Park. The efforts of the Jeruju Besar Village Government in overcoming obstacles to Village-Owned Enterprises to improve community welfare include formulating appropriate strategies, building cooperation with local governments, and recruiting competent human resources in the tourism sector.</p> 2023-11-15T04:24:44+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Bima Sujendra, Pabali Musa, Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho The Effect COVID-19 On Earnings Quality and the Role of Corporate Governance as a Moderation 2023-11-27T02:17:00+00:00 Febi Aji Riansyah Pratana Puspa Midiastuty Eddy Suranta <p>The aim of this research is to provide empirical evidence regarding the effect of Covid-19 on earnings quality with corporate governance as a moderator. Based on agency theory, corporate governance is a monitoring mechanism to improve quality. All manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) with a research period of 2017-2022 were used as samples for this research. Using purposive sampling technique, the total of observations was 624 from 104 samples. Covid-19 is a dummy variable with the value (1) being in the Covid-19 period (2020-2022) and (0) other than the Covid-19 period (2017-2019). Corporate governance used in this research is the size of the board of directors and the proportion of independent commissioners. All hypothesis tested by using multiple linear regression techniques, IBM SPSS 25. Earnings quality is proxied by accrual earnings management and real earnings management. The research results prove that real earnings management occurs in the form of RM1, RM3 and RM TOTAL. Covid-19 does not cause the practice of accrual earnings management and real earnings management in the form of RM2. Furthermore, corporate governance is unable to moderate in explaining the relationship between Covid-19 and earnings quality.</p> 2023-11-15T04:29:14+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Febi Aji Riansyah, Eddy Suranta The Effect of Accrual Earnings Management, Real Earnings Management, and Institutional Ownership on Leverage 2023-11-27T02:16:56+00:00 Anita Anggraini Eddy Suranta <p>The purpose of this research is to provide empirical evidence on the influence of accrual and real-based earnings management and institutional ownership on leverage. The dependent variable is leverage. The independent variables are accrual earnings management (DAC), real earnings management (CFO, PROD, DISEXP), and institutional ownership. This research uses multiple linear regression. The sample used is a manufacturing company listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and has an ESG score from 2018-2022. &nbsp;The sample for this research was selected using a purposive sampling technique with a total of 120 observation data. The results of this research show that earnings management using 4 proxies, namely accrued earnings management (DAC) and real earnings management (CFO, PROD, DISEXP) has a significant influence on leverage. Institutional ownership does not have a significant effect on leverage. The implications of this research are very large because it provides support for the application of agency theory. However, it is crucial to highlight that the scope of this research is confined to Indonesian manufacturing enterprises, therefore the conclusions may not be immediately transferable to other nations.</p> 2023-11-15T04:33:34+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Anita Anggraini, Eddy Suranta Analysis of the Influence of Revitalization, Technology Use, and Human Resources Competence on MSME Income 2023-11-27T02:16:53+00:00 Frans Antoni Sihite Yunita Pakpahan <p>The image of the Kesawan area is considered unsuitable as a place for culinary businesses, so it is very necessary to revitalize the area as one of the drivers for the development of the Medan city area. The revitalization carried out specifically in the MSME area in the food and beverage sector is targeted to be able to attract visitors from both inside and outside the city. The aim of the research is to analyze the influence of revitalization, use of technology and human resource (HR) competency on MSME income. The method used is a quantitative approach and data collection is carried out by distributing questionnaires. Data analysis was carried out using multiple regression analysis with the help of the SPSS program. The results of this research show that the variables of revitalization, use of technology and human resource competence have an influence on increasing MSME income after being hit by Covid-19.</p> 2023-11-15T09:58:14+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Frans Antoni Sihite, Yunita Pakpahan The Challenges and Opportunities of Small-Scale Public-Private Partnership Scheme to Finance Indonesia Local Street Lighting Equipment Projects : The Case of the Madiun Regency 2023-11-27T02:16:48+00:00 Maman Suhendra Dian Handayani Sakti Prabowo Roihans Muhammad Iqbal <p>The Public-Private Partnerships Scheme (PPP) has become an important option in overcoming the gap in infrastructure financing needs. From the total number of PPP projects implemented in several countries, it was found that the number of small-scale PPP projects was relatively greater than mega PPP projects. In line with this, in the Indonesian context, regional governments are expected to be able to innovate infrastructure financing, including by using the PPP scheme. The Madiun Regency Street Lighting Equipment (APJ) PPP project is the first small-scale PPP that has completed the auction process and signed the Cooperation Agreement in Indonesia. Using the qualitative method through the relevant case study approach, this research succeeded in identifying several challenges as well as opportunities for more massive implementation potentials of small-scale PPP in APJ in the future as follows: (1) optimal risk allocations; (2) the strong commitment of the regional government as the party responsible for the cooperation project; (3) financial aspects/parameters accepted by the market; and (4) doable projects.</p> 2023-11-22T08:40:13+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Maman Suhendra, Dian Handayani, Sakti Prabowo, Roihans Muhammad Iqbal The Effect of Profitability, Liquidity, Leverage, Dividend Policy and Foreign Ownership on Firm Value 2023-11-27T02:16:45+00:00 Refika Nadia Pratana Puspa Midiastuty Eddy Suranta Danang Adi Putra <p>This research aims to empirically test the influence of profitability, liquidity, leverage, dividend policy and foreign ownership on firm value. The sample used in this research is manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with a research period of 2018-2022. The sampling technique used a purposive sampling method with predetermined criteria there were 55 observations. The research results provide empirical evidence that leverage and foreign ownership have a positive and significant effect on firm value, while profitability, liquidity and dividend policy have no effect on firm value. This research provides implications for capital structure theory which states that the use of higher leverage will increase firm value and also provides implications for agency theory in explaining the relationship between foreign ownership and firm value and provides implications for signal theory in explaining the relationship between profitability and dividend policy on firm value.</p> 2023-11-22T08:44:35+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Refika Nadia, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Eddy Suranta, Danang Adi Putra Strategic Insights into Elevating Marketing Performance 2023-11-27T02:16:41+00:00 Farida <p>This research aims to determine the strategies used by the Melati Farming Women's Group in Bogor to improve product marketing performance. This article presents strategic insights into the marketing performance of the sweet potato brownie business through a mixed methodology approach. Data collected in research consists of primary data and secondary data. Primary data was obtained through observations and interviews in the form of prices produced and costs incurred to operate the business to gain profits, and secondary data was obtained from publications from related agencies, various print and online media, books, and literature related to research. The data collection method in this research used interviews, observation and documentation. The results of this research show that through the application of strategic management practices, such as international standardization with the SQF Code, product innovation, and response to global trends, this group has created a strong basis for expanding their business into international markets, even though on a relatively small scale. Based on the results of processing the IFE matrix, the total score is 3.11. This illustrates that the sweet potato brownie product business is a strong company internally, and based on the EFE matrix processing results in the table above, the resulting total score is 3.11. This illustrates that the KWT Melati sweet potato brownie business has solid external business opportunities.</p> 2023-11-22T08:46:42+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Farida Exploring Transformational Leadership and Employee Performance: The Mediation Role of Psychological Empowerment Millennial Generation 2023-11-27T02:16:37+00:00 Bustani Asrid Juniar <p>This study investigates the influence of transformational leadership on the performance of millennial employees working in SMEs in Banjarmasin City in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Furthermore, it postulates that psychological empowerment is a mediator in explicating the relationship between transformational leadership and employee performance. The research methodology employs a quantitative approach and purposive sampling to select a sample of 400 SME employees in Banjarmasin who were born between 1981 and 1996, thus belonging to the millennial generation. Data analysis involves the utilization of PLS-SEM, with the testing of constructs following a reflective-reflective model. The findings indicate that transformational leadership does not directly influence employee performance but instead exerts its influence through the mediating factor of psychological empowerment. Psychological empowerment, therefore, assumes a crucial role in mediating the relationship between these two constructs. Considering the limited existing literature concerning millennial generation workers, our model serves as a valuable tool for uncovering the distinctive traits of millennial employees within the SME context. Furthermore, this research lays the foundation for future cross-country comparisons of millennial leadership approaches across diverse Asian nations, contributing to a deeper understanding of the varying characteristics of the millennial generation within distinct cultural settings.</p> 2023-11-22T08:49:55+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Bustani, Asrid Juniar Analysis of Banking Financial Ratio Before and During Covid-19 Pandemi 2023-11-27T02:20:38+00:00 Eka Sutisna Suryadi Muhaimin Lukman Achmad Dwi Ihsani Febriani <p>This research aims to find out if there are differences in the Current Ratio, Debt to Asset Ratio, and Return on Asset to the financial performance of Bank Muamalat Indonesia before and during the Covid-19 pandemic period.&nbsp; The population in this study is the entire financial statements of Bank Muamalat Indonesia and the sample in this study is the financial statements of Bank Muamalat Indonesia period 2017-2022. Data analysis techniques are carried out using the Normality Test, Homogeneity Test, and the Independent Samples Test.&nbsp; " The results of this study are No significant differences in&nbsp; Current Ratio&nbsp; at the Indonesian Muamalat Bank before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.</p> 2023-11-23T04:06:43+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Eka Sutisna Suryadi, Muhaimin, Lukman Achmad, Dwi Ihsani Febriani